In the previous academic year, 2016-2017, attendance was below the National Average of 96%. As a school we strive for success and we expect all parents to be committed to their children’s education through attendance and engagement.

Latest Pupil Attendance Figures

These are our attendance results for Autumn Term 2017.

Class Attendance Class Attendance
RHB 99.7% 3W 97.5%
RW 99.6% 4E 96%
1H 96.6% 4T 97.8%
1S 95.4% 5PH 95.9%
2MG 92.1% 5S 95.1%
2W 94.1% 6E 95.5%
3ST 94% 6RK 95.3%

Attendance News!

The persistent absentee target will remain at 90% for the academic year 2017/18. This will include all pupils whose attendance is less than 90% at any point throughout the academic year.

We continue to promote positive engagement with parents whose children’s attendance has become a cause for concern. Letters are sent out to all parents when their child’s attendance has fallen below 90%. Meetings will then ensue if attendance does not improve.

Spotlight remains an active deterrent for poor attendance and Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy has an obligation to follow the Spotlight Process, which can lead to parents being prosecuted.

School can no longer authorise any holidays in term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Please read more in the following information sheet:

Attendance Information

The overall school target for attendance is 96%

Good attendance throughout the school year is vital to your child's education and various studies have confirmed this.

Attendance + Engagement = Achievement

Absence Chart

Good Attendance

We reward good attendance in the following ways:

  • Every Monday we have a Commando Joe Awards Bear. The class who has achieved over the school target and higher will keep the Bear in their classroom for the week.
  • There is an attendance display in the Key Stage 2 building, which enables children to see the progress their class is making.
  • On a half-termly basis, a class will be awarded with a prize if they have the highest attendance within the half-term period.
  • A roll of honour booklet will go out in January and after Easter naming children who have achieved 100% and children who achieved the school target and over.
  • Children with 100% attendance will receive a gold certificate at the end of the school year.
  • A draw for every child who has achieved above the school target will take place on the last day of the summer term and whoever is pulled out will receive a fantastic gift.

Poor Attendance

As well as looking at good attendance we also look regularly at poor attendance. We monitor this in the following ways:

  • If your child needs a lot of medical appointments, we ask you to show the office the appointment cards so a copy can be put on file.
  • You must contact the office before 9.30am on the initial day of illness if your child is going to be off school.
  • Attendance is monitored daily.
  • You have all received Spotlight letters, so understand the measures that are in place to prevent poor attendance.
  • The Education Welfare Service (EWS) will become involved if the situation does not improve and this could potentially lead to court action.

Our school's Attendance Policy will be found on our Policies page.

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