We run a variety of clubs at our school. The following document gives an overview of each of the clubs on offer:

ICT Club.
Football team.

Theatre group.
Young thespians.

Children's University

  • First Albert Bradbeer Graduation held at Wolverhampton University on 6th July 2015.
  • 21 children attended.
  • Each child who attended the graduation had clocked up at least 30 hours; some had achieved almost 40 and had attended a range of different clubs.
  • High parental involvement during Graduation ceremony.
  • Throughout the year, all children have the opportunity to attend a variety of clubs: Theatre Club, Dance Club, Young Voices, Art Club, Code club, Craft club, Rounders, Football, Multi-skills, Commando Joe, Nature Detectives, Maths Club, Poetry Club and French Club.
  • Children’s University emphasises the focus on extra-curricular learning and allows children to experience new activities and learn new skills.
  • All children from Years 1 to 6 have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular clubs.
  • ‘Passports to Learning’ allow the children to track their learning.
  • Maths club - Links to National Curriculum: using and applying, problem solving.
  • Poetry club – Links to National Curriculum: learning poetry by heart, performing poetry.
  • French Club – Links to National Curriculum: learning to speak with increasing confidence and fluency, improving the accuracy of pronunciation and intonation.
  • Theatre Club, Dance Club and Young Voices allow the children to perform what they have learnt to an audience.
  • All sports clubs provide links to team work and taking part in competitive games.
  • Commando Joe – team building, communication, healthy competition.
  • Children have the opportunity to earn stamps for their passport from other classified learning destinations such as art galleries and museums.

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