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Frances Finnegan-awdas
06 Jul 2017

I came to a cello concert this morning and can I just say how wonderful it was to see how hard the children had worked and the music teacher too amazing performances the school should be so proud of the pupils they are an asset.

Rating: Excellent

Paul Munns
15 Oct 2016

I was at the school from the age of 5 until 1960. I loved my time there although i hated the name change at the time. fond memories of Miss Wood and Miss Jarvis who took us into an interschool competition where we sang Linden Lea and the Flight of the Earls I seem to recall.

Rating: Excellent

Debbie McCarthy
27 Apr 2016

I was a pupil at Albert Bradbeer Junior School over 40 years ago and it is nice to see the school has progressed but seems to have kept the community spirit and educational ethos. I would love to visit the school one day.

Rating: Very Good

19 Mar 2016

I just want to say congratulations on winning several competitions with other schools in Birmingham well done.

Rating: Excellent

Mrs C Partridge
19 Dec 2014

Dear Mrs O Malley I came to see your Christmas production on Wednesday. Many thanks for a very enjoyable time and please pass on my thanks to all the children who took part and to all the staff for their hard work. As I am a Partridge and Nanny to both Lewis and Owen Partridge I thought your storyline was very original, entertaining and change from the usual storyline. Well done to all and thumbs up to your school.

Rating: Excellent

David Grainger
17 Dec 2014

Just attended the Xmas play, it was excellent. All the children should be immensely proud as should all the staff.

Rating: Excellent

Lesley Davies (nee Watkins)
23 Nov 2014

I attended this school from 1955 until 1962. The headmistress (for the juniors) was Miss Wood. I also remember the renaming of the school. It was considered a really big honour to have bee chosen for the renaming. The last time I was in the area the school building was still the as I remembered it - maroon coloured ugly building. There doesn't seem to be any sign of it now though. Just seen that you held a 60th reunion. I would have loved to have been there to see any photographs of my time there.

Rating: Excellent

Mark Mawdsley
18 Oct 2014

Wish I could have made it to the open day, very best wishes to all at Albert Bradbeer from my family (3 ex pupils) and I (ex Chair of Governors).

Rating: Excellent

Susan Adams
16 Oct 2014

Greetings from Canada. Just wanted to say Congratulations on your 60th year. I attended your school in 1954/55 and lived on Central Avenue. Immigrated to Canada in 1979. Many fond of memories looking out my classroom window at the horses in the field at Albert Bradbeer. Again Congrats.

Rating: Excellent

Paul Theakston
21 Sep 2014

I remember being at this school when it was renamed and a tree being planted. Am I correct?

Rating: Excellent

Lorraine Elms
31 Aug 2014

Excellent website informative and easy to navigate around.

Rating: Excellent

Jenny Wilcox
25 Jun 2014

I like the new style of the website, very easy to get around and very impormative. Well done.

Rating: Excellent