Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy, in the Longbridge area of Birmingham, provides for the education of children between the ages of three and eleven. Footsteps Day Care supports children from birth.

Our Nursery offers one year provision for children aged 3 to 4 years. Children can attend morning or afternoon sessions and all day for one day a week. Wrap care is available. In the schooll we have places for 420 children aged 4 to 11 with 60 children in each year group.

Our School from above, (c) Google Maps

School Motto

This is expressed by our school vision: WE C.A.N

  • Citizenship: At Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy we aim to ensure that pupils are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.
  • Aspiration: We aim to secure a desire for high quality expectations within all areas of school life from both pupils and adults alike.
  • Nurture: We aim to establish provision, which offers targeted support for children and enables all children to avoid social exclusion as adults.

Our Belief and Ethos

  • Strong families give children love, identity, a personal history and a secure base from which to explore and enjoy life as they grow up.
  • The relationship mothers and fathers have with their children are strongly associated with the children’s outcomes both in school and outside of school.
  • The relationships that children have with others, including step parents, siblings, grandparents and other carers also impact on child well-being.
  • Strong families build strong communities.
  • Good attendance, along with parental support = a successful child.