Healthy Eating

Be Healthy Schools' Award

Healthy, balanced meals are cooked on the premises and menus are available for parents to see. Please select school meals or packed lunches on a half termly basis. Payment should be made on a Monday morning in advance. We are happy to accept payment for a half term in advance if you prefer.

As a Healthy School we encourage healthy eating; please do not include any sweets, fizzy drinks or drinks in glass bottles in children’s lunchboxes.

All children are allowed to bring their own water bottle to school to ensure they drink regularly and avoid dehydration, which affects not only their health but also their ability to work to their potential. Milk or water is also served for all children in the dining hall.

We aim to make our meal time a happy, healthy social occasion and great care is taken with the preparation and service of the food. Please notify us if your child has a special dietary requirement.

Our lunchtime break is supervised by a team of lunchtime supervisors, managed by the Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, who works under the direction of the Deputy Headteacher and liaises closely with the class teachers. Most children have their lunch at school.

Current Menu

Our healthy lunchtime meals cost £2.25 per day. You can read our current menu below:

Serving up healthy, hot dinners.
Our busy dining hall.

Food Net

Providing parents with information and advice regarding child nutrition and diet may prevent obesity and other poor health outcomes.

School Meals are imperative for children’s learning as it helps the brain function. Eating well is good for your mental as well as your physical health. The brain requires nutrients just like your heart, lungs or muscles do.

Healthy Recipes

  • Cottage Pie (pdf) - works out at £1.14 per person at Asda

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