In Reception, we will be covering some exciting topics this year:

  • Do you want to be friends?
  • What happens when I fall asleep?
  • Will you read me a story?
  • Do cows drink milk?
  • Why do zebras have stripes?
  • Are we there yet?

In our topic ‘Do you want to be friends?’ we will be thinking about friendship, being kind and working together. We will be looking at the importance of having friends and how we can look after them. We will also think about our families and home routines as well as exploring key themes such as being kind, being helpful, cooperation, similarities and differences and people who help us a home and at school. We will be looking at the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers which tells of the friendship between a young boy and a lost and lonely penguin.

In our topic ‘What happens when I fall asleep?’ we will be thinking about our dreams and what happens when we go to sleep as well as the importance of sleep and rest. We will look at our own bedtime routines and also explore things that come out at night such as nocturnal animals and the moon and stars as well as looking at the different people who work at night and the jobs they do. As well as this, we will be looking at outer space, linking it to the moon and stars and we will learn about the different planets in our solar system.

In our topic ‘Will you read me a story?’ we will be looking at lots of stories and traditional tales. We will have fun reading and learning about fairy tales, looking at the goodies and baddies in these tales, we will look at homes and castles, story settings and characters and will also have a go at writing and telling both well-known stories as well as our own. In this imaginative topic, filled with magic and fantasy, we will have the opportunity to ask and answer a range of questions such as ‘was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad?’ and ‘how many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat?’ we are sure to have a lot of fun with this topic!

In our topic ‘Do cows drink milk?’ we will be concentrating on where our food comes from and thinking lots about healthy eating. We will be looking at life on the farm and the animals that live there as well as looking at seeds and growing, where we will have the opportunity to plant our own seeds. We will also have the opportunity to ask lots of questions such as ‘do cows drink milk?’ and ‘do hens lay square eggs?’

In our topic ‘Why do zebras have stripes?’ we will be learning all about Africa and the wild animals that live there. We will have lots of fun exploring African tribal culture, wild African animals, African habitats and animal camouflage. We will be able to find out about animal markings and why they have particular ones as well as learning about where different animals live.

In our topic ‘Are we there yet?’ we will be learning lots of exciting things in this project all about transport, travel and places near and far. We will learn about different types of transport, how things move, keeping safe on the roads and pavements and the idea of fast and slow. As well as this, we will be looking at different holiday destinations, where we will be able to share our own experiences of different holidays we have been on holidays we would like to go on. We will also be looking at both real and imaginary journeys that we have either been on or like to go on to real places and imaginary, magical, mystery lands!

Our Learning

Find out about our learning:


Making obstacle courses out of the outdoor equipment.
Practising our reading.

Exploring the outdoors and working well together.
We made a boat to travel to the South Pole and see the Little Penguin.