On this page you can meet the friendly staff of our school.

These lovely pictures were drawn by some of our talented children. Would you like to see what the people really look like? If so, just hover over the drawings with your mouse!

Mrs Bazeley

Miss Beddoes

Mrs Biddle

Mrs Bowen

Miss Brown

Mrs Burnett

Mrs Carpenter

Mr Chambers

Ms Crowe

Miss Edmonds

Miss Edwards

Miss Ellis

Miss Goodman

Mrs Greenway

Mrs Gregory

Mr C Hall

Mrs Hanson

Mrs Hartford

Mrs Hemming

Miss Holmes

Mr Hussain

Mrs Jordan

Miss Law

Mrs Lovell

Mrs Masters

Mrs McFerran

Mrs McLeod

Miss Mead

Miss Pearce

Miss Peet

Mrs Petts

Mr Phillips

Mrs Pinnegar

Miss Power

Miss Price

Mrs Robinson

Miss Saunders

Mrs Simpson

Mrs C Smith

Miss Talbot

Mrs R Taylor

Miss Thomas

Mrs Way

Miss White

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mr C Chambers Headteacher
Miss B Power Deputy Headteacher (FS Phase Leader)
Mrs A Masters Assistant Headteacher (Literacy, LKS2 Phase Leader)
Mrs S Robinson Assistant Headteacher (Numeracy, UKS2 Phase Leader)
Mrs N Pinnegar Assistant Headteacher (SENCO, KS1 Phase Leader)
Miss S Sperring Business Manager
Mrs N Bazeley Nursery Teacher (Nursery Lead)
Miss J Talbot Reception Teacher (Reception Lead)
Miss A Holmes Reception Teacher
Mrs M Sawyers Year 1 Teacher
Miss K Saunders Year 1 Teacher
Mrs R Hanson Year 2 Teacher
Miss R Thomas Year 2 Teacher
Miss C White Year 2 Teacher
Mrs T Way Year 3 Teacher
Miss R Smith Year 3 Teacher
Miss E Ellis Year 4 Teacher
Miss T Kessey Year 4 Teacher
Mrs A Masters Year 5 Teacher
Mrs S Robinson Year 5 Teacher
Miss D Edwards Year 5 Teacher
Miss C Price Year 6 Teacher
Mrs V Pearce Year 6 Teacher
Mrs R Simpson PPA Teacher
Mrs E Lovell PPA Teacher
Miss L Beddoes Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Biddle Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Burnett Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Carpenter Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Crowe Teaching Assistant
Miss L Edmonds Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Ferran Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Greenway Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Gregory Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Hemming Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Hartford Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Jordan Teaching Assistant
Miss N Law Teaching Assistant
Mrs N McFerran Teaching Assistant
Mrs H McLeod Teaching Assistant
Miss J Mead Teaching Assistant
Miss L Peet Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Petts Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Taylor Learning Mentor
Mr Richard Phillips Family Support Worker
Mrs J Bowen School Administrator
Miss L Goodman Administration Assistant
Mr S Hussain Network Manager
Mr C Hall Site Manager