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Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy


End of term letter 19/07/2021Football Letter 09/07/2021July 2nd Parent Incident 05/07/2021Emergency closing re-opening 21/06/2021Emergency Closure 20/06/2021June 21st update 15/06/2021May Half Term 28/05/2021Update 18.5.21 18/05/2021Health and Safety 10.5.21 10/05/2021General Arrangements May 2021 26/04/2021Ramadan 2021 20/04/2021Welcome Back - Summer Term 2021 19/04/2021General Arrangements April 2021 31/03/2021Update 18.3.21 18/03/2021March 5th Update 08/03/2021General Arrangements March 8th 2021 26/02/2021General letter to all school students parents guardians and staff 05/02/2021Parent Questionnaire 29.1.21 29/01/2021Learning Journey Update 26.1.21 26/01/2021Learning Journey January 2021 20/01/2021DfE Home Learning-Albert Bradbeer 20/01/2021Free School Meals 2021 14/01/2021Lockdown January 2021 05/01/2021Breakfast and After School Club Letter 17/12/2020Christmas jumper day letter - 2020 10/12/2020Breakfast and After School Club 10/12/2020INSET day 18th December 09/12/2020BBC Children in Need 2020 09/11/2020Flu Leaflet 12/10/2020Drop and Collect Covid Testing 12/10/2020Letter to Parents - Face covering 02/10/2020Y2 & Y5 Return 01/10/2020Peanut/nut Allergies 17/09/2020Update for Parents 04/09/2020Letter to Year 6 from Mr Chambers 16/07/2020Apply online for your child’s secondary school place – September 2021 10/07/2020Staffing 20/21 26/06/2020Increasing Pupil Numbers 08/06/2020Reopening arrangements - First 4 weeks 29/05/2020Poster for Parents on Returning to school 22/05/2020Letter to Parents about School Reopening 22/05/2020Letter to Parents - School Opening 19/05/2020Letter About Reopening 12/05/2020Summer Welcome Letter 20/04/2020Parent Letter of Closure 19/03/2020Story Telling Day 17/10/2019Decodable Books 17/10/2019School Inspections - A Guide for Parents 08/10/2019Mental Health Day 04/10/2019Phonics Inspire Workshop 20/09/2019Hometime Safety Regulations 18/09/2019Photograph Consent 18/09/2019Staying Safe in the School Holidays 22/07/2019RNLI - Spot the dangers Posters x3 2019 22/07/2019Stay Safe with Thomas - ebook 22/07/2019Rail Life Safety Guide 22/07/2019Newsletter - Staying Safe in the School Holidays - 19.07.19 22/07/2019PSHE Jigsaw Newsletter 10.05.19 04/07/2019Curriculum Newsletter 03.05.19 04/07/2019Safeguarding Newsletter 29.03.19 04/07/2019Pupil Premium and SEN Newsletter 15.03.19 04/07/2019Behaviour and Values Newsletter 12.03.19 04/07/2019English Newsletter 08.3.19 04/07/2019Curriculum Newsletter 27.02.19 04/07/2019Teaching and Learning Newsletter 15.02.19 04/07/2019Maths Newsletter 07.2.19 04/07/2019

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