Our SENDCO Mrs Cooke can be contacted at senco@abprimary.bham.sch.uk during the school closures.


Parent Letter of Closure 19/03/2020Veolia Trip Letter 10/03/2020Book Fair 03/03/2020Mother's Day workshop RW 02/03/2020Mother's Day workshop RH 02/03/2020Hatton Trip 02/03/2020World Book Day 27/02/2020British Values 11/02/2020Reading Workshop 11/02/2020Reception Pyjama Day 03/02/2020Back to School Brunch Special Meal 2020 15/01/2020Christmas Dinner 2019 05/12/2019Y2 Swimming 24/10/2019Yoga Club 23/10/2019Story Telling Day 17/10/2019Decodable Books 17/10/2019Special Meal 17/10/2019School Inspections - A Guide for Parents 08/10/2019Mental Health Day 04/10/2019Phonics Inspire Workshop 20/09/2019Hometime Safety Regulations 18/09/2019Photograph Consent 18/09/2019World Food Day 2019 17/09/2019Swimming Letter 13/09/2019Nursery Gate Entrance 13/09/2019Judo Championships 13/09/2019Introduction to the Reception Baseline 13/09/2019Staying Safe in the School Holidays 22/07/2019RNLI - Spot the dangers Posters x3 2019 22/07/2019Stay Safe with Thomas - ebook 22/07/2019Rail Life Safety Guide 22/07/2019Newsletter - Staying Safe in the School Holidays - 19.07.19 22/07/2019PSHE Jigsaw Newsletter 10.05.19 04/07/2019Curriculum Newsletter 03.05.19 04/07/2019Safeguarding Newsletter 29.03.19 04/07/2019Pupil Premium and SEN Newsletter 15.03.19 04/07/2019Behaviour and Values Newsletter 12.03.19 04/07/2019English Newsletter 08.3.19 04/07/2019Curriculum Newsletter 27.02.19 04/07/2019Teaching and Learning Newsletter 15.02.19 04/07/2019Maths Newsletter 07.2.19 04/07/2019CU Easter Activities Letter 08/04/2019Autism Day 2019 22/03/2019Coffee Mornings - Topics 13/02/2019

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