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Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy



Welcome to our Nursery

Our teacher is Mrs. Bazeley, our Teaching Assistants are Mrs. Gregory and Mrs. Westwood

Our Unit

Nursery is made up of two big classrooms, two outdoor areas and a corridor space. We also use the garden, play equipment and field areas in the school grounds. In our unit we also have a shared sensory room, which provides a calm and quiet space for children. This room is also used for small group work for both Nursery and Reception. We do work closely with Reception, particularly in the summer term. This provides a seamless transition from Nursery to Reception.

The provision in Nursery is enhanced weekly with activities and resources tailored to the children’s needs and interests. We plan carefully to ensure the children are continually learning through their play. Writing, reading and mathematical skills are planned into most areas each week wherever possible. Children are provided with many opportunities for developing their personal, social and communication skills within their play.

Our topics in Nursery are:

Autumn 1Why do you love me so much?

This topic is all about love, families and how people are the same and different. We will be thinking about what is special about me and how we show that we care.  The children will be encouraged to make new friendships within Nursery. We will be talking about why it is important to have friends and people who care about us. We will ask for a photo of each child’s family to use in our small group focus time.

We will be thinking about what celebrations are special to us. We have a role-play birthday area. The children will be able to share their own experiences, count candles and think about why we celebrate birthdays. Also in our cosy home corner, we will care for dolls and teddies.

We have a comfortable reading corner with lots of books for the children to look at. We will be focusing on books all about families and love. Our author of the term is Nick Sharratt, we will be sharing our all time favourite ‘Shark in the Park’ and ‘Ketchup on your cornflakes?’ and many more.

We will provide play-dough and people cutters to make dough families. We will also explore using our senses by having sand, cooked spaghetti, beads, bubble wrap, feathers and other materials. We will provide a range of drawing and mark-making materials to draw/paint a picture of our families.

Using our mathematical skills, we will measure and compare our hands, feet and heights. Outside, we will practise following instructions and think about how our brilliant bodies move.


Autumn 2Why do leaves go crispy?

As the season changes we will be exploring questions such as; Why do leaves go crispy? What's inside a conker?


There will be the opportunity to explore the natural environment through autumn walks, observations and discussions. The children will be encouraged to search for a range of seasonal treasures to include; pinecones, leaves, twigs and fruit to take back to school to explore.


We will have a range of autumn creative activities available. We will be able to use play-dough to make autumn creations and have modelling tools to add detail to models. We will learn autumn songs and play musical instruments. We will be exposed to autumn images for inspiration for our very own autumn pictures.

We will also be using natural autumn items to encourage counting and sorting, developing mathematical skills and language.


Our author will be Lydia Monks, we will be looking at her books and her love for animals. One of the teachers’ favourites is ‘The Rhyming Rabbit’, this will also help us to make rhyming strings. In our reading garden we will get comfortable to share autumn fiction and non-fiction books.


Spring 1-Is it shiny?

For this half term we will be looking at materials and their properties. We will hunt for missing treasure and discuss whether the treasure we find is shiny or not. We will watch how shiny objects catch the sun when we hang them outside.


We will group and sort different shiny and non-shiny objects. We will examine what they are made of and look at what they are used for. Looking at different types of mirrors, we will investigate how our reflections look different in each one.


We will also find out all about stars. We will sing and play instruments along to the nursery rhyme, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and others. We will use tools to write letters and numbers in foil.


Using our maths skills, we will write numbers in sequins and build structures out of shiny 2-D and 3-D shapes, naming the shapes and sorting them by size. Getting creative, we will become glitter monsters as we explore the texture and appearance of glitter, make space rocks and mould twinkle lamps out of modelling clay.


Our author for this half term will be Nick Butterworth. We will look at his collection of Percy Park Keeper stories, with a particular focus on ‘The Treasure Hunt’ to link to our topic.



Spring 2Are eggs alive? Easter

This topic is all about the things that happen in the world around us in the season of spring.  This half term, we will have a spring walk to see and explore a range of plants and animals. We will smell and gently touch spring flowers, using magnifying glasses to identify petals, stems and leaves.  We will have some frogspawn in Nursery for observation.

Looking at eggs more closely, we will learn about incubation and hatching. We will look at non-fiction books all about eggs.

We will plant, care for and observe a range of seeds. We will think about what they need to grow and how best we can look after them. We will make observational drawings and paintings of flowers.

During our group sessions we will listen to and find out about the Easter story and we will sing and play along to spring-themed nursery rhymes. Using our maths skills, we will count ducks and frogs and solve mathematical problems.

We will be discovering all about chocolate. We will explore what happens when chocolate melts and freezes. We will pour melted chocolate into moulds to make chocolate bunnies and eggs. Then, we will go on an Easter egg hunt!


Our author for this half term is Eric Carle. ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar’ links well with our topic, we will look at the changes that occur from a tiny little egg to a big, beautiful butterfly. We will share other books from this author and find out all about his work.


Summer 1How many colours of the rainbow?

In this topic we will be exploring colour in the natural and man-made world. We will be thinking about how many colours are in a rainbow and what happens when you mix two colours together.  

We will be having fun in the creative area, taking off our socks and stomping through the colours of the rainbow. We will let our feet do the mixing! We will learn how to identify the colours of the rainbow and how colours can mix together to make new colours. We will investigate the relationship between light and colour, by exploring using the light box. We will make rainbow rice and brightly-coloured jellyfish, and we will construct a colourful den. We will go on a colour hunt, carry out colour investigations and sing a rainbow!

In our library we will read vibrant books, match colourful rhymes and make multicoloured marks. Mark making activities will include writing our names using all the colours of the rainbow. We will express ourselves using brightly coloured paints, crayons, pencils and pens. Using our mathematical skills, we will count colourful pom-poms and other items and respond to numbers.

We will provide the opportunity for cooking and tasting. We will gather together yummy foods of different colours and look at the similarities and differences.

Our author for this half term will be Oliver Jeffers. We will share some of his stories and also look at his paintings, collage and sculptures.


Summer 2 Did dragons exist?

In this topic, we will be finding out about the fantastical world of dragons and castles. This half term we will identify the different parts of a castle and learn about the people and animals that lived there. We will move like dragons and unearth dragon eggs from the sand.

In our role-play we will dress up in royal finery as we pretend to be knights riding dragons and princesses who need rescuing from the castle. In our writing area we will create and label castle picture cards and identify rhyming words in dragon poetry.

For our maths focus we will count gold coins into numbered dragon jars and move brave miniature knights from 1–20. Using castle pictures in the construction area we will encourage the children to use shape-related and positional language as they build. Getting creative, we will draw dragons, try out weaving and make a friendly collage dragon to protect our classroom. Roar!

We will look at a collection of books about dragons and enjoy listening to magical and enhancing tales. We will research mythical beasts and find out all about flying dragons, breathing fire.  


Home Learning


Week 6

Design a heart activity sheet

Valentines Day Pencil Control Worksheets


Week 5

Pencil control sheets

Star Template

Star Biscuits Recipe

Nursery Summer Newsletter Information


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