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Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy


Welcome to the Year 2 page. This year the teachers are: Mrs Sawyers (2S) and Miss Akhtar (2A).

In Year 2 we cover some fun and exciting topics. These include:

Our first topic is all about the life of ‘William the Conqueror’. We will learn about the battle of Hastings and the events leading up to this date.

In the topic ‘Castles’ we will learn about the different parts of a castle, the history of castles and learn about the lives of the people who lived in castles. We will also find out about Warwick castle and the town of Warwick

The Great fire of London topic researches one of the most memorable periods in England. The children will learn about Samuel Pepys and his diary extracts of the fire.

During our Local study and comparison topic, we will be finding out about Longbridge and surrounding areas. We will compare Longbridge to a place in a contrasting country. We will discover how houses and homes have changed over time. We will investigate our local area and listen to stories from the past.

In our pirates topic we will find out about famous pirates including Edward Tech and Grace O’Malley. We will find out why these individuals were significant.

In our Coasts topic, we will look at how people have enjoyed the seaside over time. We will discover some of the creatures that live in and near the sea.

In English we will learn how to write for a range of purposes including: stories, reports, instructions and poems. We will start to use a wider range of punctuation and begin to join our handwriting.

We will read every day and talk about our favourite books and authors with our friends. Each term there will be a focus author e.g. Roald Dahl.

Our phonics sessions (Read, Write, Inc.) will also take place daily and help us to read new words and gain higher comprehension skills.

In Maths we are following our new ‘White Rose’ scheme - this will give us the opportunity to work with concrete apparatus; solve problems more frequently and investigate maths in the real world. By the end of the year we will expect every child to know their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.


Home Learning

Home learning can now be access via Microsoft Teams. Please contact your child's teacher if you have not received login details or are experiencing any difficulties. 

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