Friday 19th July will be a non uniform day


Welcome to Year 3! This year, Mr Irfan (3I) Mr Marshall (3S) and Mrs McNeill (3M), along with Mrs Petts, Mrs Smith and Mrs Sanders have many exciting opportunities planned for our children. We look forward to a great year full of progress, growth and fun!


Our topics in Year 3 are

Autumn 1 - Urban Pioneers

In our fantastic first topic will learn all about our local community. We will look at the works of Banksy and others street artists and discuss the messages they are trying to convey. We will even try creating our own street art! Year 3 will also practice spoken word and performance poetry!

Autumn 2 – Mighty Metals

The magnificent Mighty Metals topic tells us about the history of metal and its many, many uses. To really understand the significance of metal to civilization, we shall visit the Black Country Living Museum to explore the Industrial Revolution.

Spring 1- Tremors

From violent volcanoes to earth-shattering earthquakes, the terrifying Tremors is the most exciting yet! We will learn about the geography of our planet by exploring how islands and continents form, and how volcanoes help life as well as destroy it.

Spring 2- Scrumdiddlyumptious

Fantastic fruit, venerable vegetables and tantalizing treats are all to be discovered in Scrumdiddlyumptious. Work up an appetite as you learn about food, nutrition and agriculture.

Summer 1- Predator

Take a walk on the wild side as we get up close and personal with fearsome felines, sinister snakes and breath-taking birds in our Predator topic. Where do you fit in the food chain? Find out!

Summer 2- Gods and Mortals

Epic clashes between humanity and gods, fearsome beasts and handsome heroes are all to be found in our Gods and Mortals Topic. Learn about Ancient Greece through the myths and Legends of Zeus and Theseus.

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