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Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy


Welcome to the Year 4 page. This year the teachers are: Miss Saunders (4S) and Miss Gray and Mrs Robinson (4GR).

In English and Maths in Year 4, we follow the New National Curriculum. We will be using exciting stimuli such as How To Train Your Dragon and Charlotte’s Web.

In Science we learn about all about States of Matter, Animals (including humans), Living Things and their Habitats, Electricity and Sound.

Our topics in Year 4 are:

Autumn 1 –

History - Anglo Saxons

Geography – Britain Over Time

We will learn about Britain’s early invaders and settlers the Anglo - Saxons. Including their culture, chronology and key events.

Autumn 2 –

History – Native Americans

Geography – U.S.A

We will investigate the states and their landmarks. We will also find out about famous people, federal government and the discovery of America and the impact on Native American people.

Spring 1 –

History - The HMS Challenger

We will research The HMS Challenger and find out its purpose. We will also look at the expedition that took place and the different kinds of tests that were conducted aboard the ship. We will also be learning about Captain George Nares.

Spring 2 –

Geography – Great Barrier Reef

This half term we will be learning the location of The Great Barrier Reef, what it is and how big it is, factors that can affect and cause harm to The Great Barrier Reef. We will also be learning about global warming.

Summer 1 –

History – Victorian Inventions

We will learn about the Victorian period and specific dates and who the Victorians were. We will then focus on the different inventions in the Victorian period such as the adhesive stamp and the penny farthing bicycles and how these impacted on Britain today.

Summer 2 –

Geography - Polar Regions

We will learn about the different polar regions, including why they are similar and different. We will also look at how people have adapted to live in the Polar Regions and what they may look like in the future. 


Home Learning

Home learning can now be access via Microsoft Teams. Please contact your child's teacher if you have not received login details or are experiencing any difficulties. 


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